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Monday, May 13, 2013

Alan Fine - Biography for Riveredge Board of Directors - 2013

Successfully established the cooperatives FIRST official website in 2013 - Successfully set up the first WIFI service at the outside pool in 2013 - Successfully implemented Building link at the co-op in 2014 - great job so far Alan keep it up man ! DO NOT LEAVE THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS YOU ARE TOO GOOD AND YOU CAN DO MUCH MORE

My name is Alan Fine. I have been a resident at Riveredge for over 12 years.

I like the members of our current Board, consider them friends, believe they truly try to do things in our best interest, but have difficulty communicating this to us. I think they listen, but do not know how to make us feel heard. I became part of our current newsletter team in an effort to begin to bridge this communication gap, but I would like to go further. I would like more transparency about the day to day workings of our building. I would like to see more frequent communications from the Board, with notices not limited to the bulletin boards and rolled doorstep notices, although they continue to be necessary for residents without internet access. At the same time, as a senior technical consultant for Paramount and Dream Works Pictures, I would like to lead us to take full advantage of email, the internet and commercial software such as, which is designed to help manage buildings and the communication between Management, Board and Resident. I would like to see more frequent shareholder meetings, and I offer my training as presenter by J. D. Power and Associates to use proven techniques to run our meetings and transform them into ,  fun and constructive forums for the illumination and implementation of ideas. (These simple techniques would keep our meetings lively, positive, on topic, on schedule, yet allow everyone to be heard.)
I am interested in: understanding and explaining to all the elevator situation, improving and/or enlarging the pool, studying the pros and cons of a multipurpose room above the eighth floor PROVIDING it is designed with noise abatement and water drainage as key considerations, and continued discussions on sanitation safety (including -- among other ideas -- whether the building should buy sharp boxes from Walgreens to give freely to residents for needle disposal).

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